Pink Tweed Blazer

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  1. What is your take on it? I saw this really pretty pink tweed blazer on sale and I'm tempted to buy it. I have it on hold but I'm not sure whether it would be a fashion faux pas or not. Do people still wear pink tweed blazer (it has cute round collars with 3/4 sleeves) or is it a big no-no? Is it okay to wear it to work (match with dark or light pants)? Please advise!!
  2. depends on your personal style...I say if you adore it, get it. but I doubt we're going to be seeing too much pink (unless it's a light, light neutral shade) this spring. Another color might be a better investment, no? And tweed doesn't seem to be trendy now either.
    but like I said, if you love it and you'll wear it, get it anyway. for sure. style isn't always about being trendy.

    personally, I'm holding out for this blazer I saw in Lucky magazine. It's red stripes on white and the lining is the cover of 'Abbey Road'. I'm SO stoked to get it when it's available!
  3. I think blazers are a great way to express personal style. So if you'll wear the pink tweed and it works with your current wardrobe--go for it. But if it's just the color that you're attracted to and it's not going to work with the rest of your wardrobe, you might want to just go with a shirt or sweater in that color.
  4. I love all things pink and wear pink everything. If you like pink go for it!
  5. If you really like it, go for it! I don't see anything wrong with tweed, it's a very classic texture.
  6. i would wear it! it sounds way cute, especially the 3/4 sleeves...i LOVE 3/4 sleeves
  7. Thank you girls for your replies. I still haven't bought the blazer yet as I was at work all day long today. I don't worry about wearing pink or tweed as I see people wearing them on the street. I think it's the combination of both that might be a bit too much. The blazer costs around 300 bucks (the brand is Pink Tartan.. ever heard of it? apparently it has its own collection) and I'm debating whether those money should go into my LV funds or into this blazer... decisions decisions..