Pink tote too trendy for a 35 year old? Opinions needed pls.

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  1. Hi! Ive had my eyes on this pink tote for days and had it reserved at the boutique. The color is so sweet and great for summer too. I have 2 gucci tote gg plus bags with brown leather trims and was thinking of getting something with a pastel trim this time. I feel this color is trendy for my age( Im 35) but I so love pink and would love to own at least one pink bag. My bag collection consists only of blacks and browns. Need your opinions.

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  2. I will be wearing pink when I'm 80. Go for it!
  3. Since only the trim is pink, I think its very tasteful and understated. I think you should get it because it sounds like its really calling to you.

    (Full disclosure: I'm 41 and I've never been a pink lover, personally. So this is really an unbiased opinion, lol!!!)

    Edited to add: Plus, I see that you only have black and brown bags. You need some color in your collection!
  4. I think it should be is beautiful! :smile:
  5. I think go for it. I have a pink leather Gucci and used to own a pink abbey and did not give it a second thought
  6. Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the pink on that bag and don't feel it is too trendy.
  7. I wear lots of pink and I'm 35! Go for it.
  8. Thanks everyone!!! Will go to the store today and check it out again. Hoping to bring home this pretty baby!
  9. Go for it!! I could wear pink all the time, and Iwill be wearing pink when I am gray and old.
  10. The color pink has no age limits - I would love to have that tote.
  11. That bag is perfect for stepping into a colorful territory because it's just lined. It's definitely not too trendy either as you asked! I think you should get it!
  12. Oh yes I agree .....................Get it
  13. Love this bag! Yes, definitely get it.
  14. I Love it!!!

    I have this bag and I am 39
  15. That's a really nice bag! Gucci has no age prejudice! You should definitely get it!