Pink Tote On Bluefly

  1. Hey this is on Bluefly...I think someone was looking for a pink tote?


  2. Oh - I just got this tote in the medium size, this one looks small. I didn't like the size of mine...I sent it back.

    Thanks for posting though..I'm sure someone will get it quickly!
  3. oh thats a pretty one.... i need to save up for paying my debt tho.. doh!
  4. Hi Addicted! What about the size did you not like? Did you think your medium was too big/small?
  5. Hi IntlSet - I think it's kinda small for me. I think the dimensions were 12x9x3. Looked funny as a tote bag to me.
  6. I love the color....great for spring but...not a fan of the design.
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