Pink Tie Dye Wallet

  1. it's an older wallet, but my hubby got me the purse for christmas [yeah eBay buy] it was a great deal...but i have to i'm now on the hunt for the pink tie dye wallet.

    i have searched and searched and i have found a khaki one on eBay but no pink :[[ so if you guys have any ideas that would be great..thanks!

    it looks like this:

    and the purse looks like this:
  2. I cruise Ebay a lot. If I see one, I'll let you know.
  3. thanks so much!
  4. well im not all that i called coach...and they didn't make any pink tie dye wallets :[[ they were only in white and khaki. so now i have to ponder on my next i was wondering about the pics above...they didn't' look like they open right...and they whole site is in a foreign language...blah!
  5. I was wondering about the pics too. When opened it looked like it was longer than the pic that shows the front. Anyway they are cute, I'm loving your pink bag. What's the style no.?
  6. LOVE YOUR BAG and if I see one on ebay... ITS MINE, lol!!!
  7. Yes they did make pink, white and the denim blue tie dye wallets with the silver in them, they come out in 2005. The white and brown here made in 2006. That collection had gold in them. So just keep checking ebay you'll find one, I know it.
  8. that bag is too cute..

    but im an avid ebayer.. havent seen those ever. tried an outlet?
  9. hmm...not sure of the model # for the purse...and when i called coach the rep asked for a model # and all that i could find was the one for the that makes sense that he said they didn't make any...cause that year they only did the white and khaki...but the one i want was from the previous yr. any how, you know what i mean. so i shall continue my search or i will just settle for a silver wallet. the purse has some suede issues. i'm going to take it to coach today and see what they suggest and will most likely let them clean it. any suggestions on that??
  10. They DID make these wallets in pink in 2005! I have one that I bought from the boutique that summer.
  11. ilovepinkhearts, i have sold off all my coach bags about 2 years ago when i fell for LV..and now balenciaga...but the only collection i was still in search for was the Tie Dye Collection from Summer 2005.

    just wanted to show you what i have! i have the white tie dye wallet but for some reason my wallet isn't the same the one listed in the picture. there are no snap buttons in the interior of the wallet...

    your best bet is ebay. bags/shoes/wallets from the tie dye collection pops up every now and then...i love the blue/indigo tie dye items and recently i've been eyeing this one: are mine..and good luck in searching! :nuts:


    PC290083.JPG PC290082.JPG
  12. Well I was super mega bummed today. Drive to the mall...fight for a parking spot...go to Coach...wait in line...and I am told that they offer no cleaning services, and that they don't sell any suede cleaner. That only the purses that they sell with suede on them get a brush [tho I've had different people tell me that they did/had both]...I guess I should have been smart and just called, but I was hoping. I bought some regular suede cleaner, so now I shall wait until tomorrow to clean it. I hope it comes out ok....if not :[[
  13. you could get generic suede cleaner to help out..
  14. I am confused.. how could they not have made the wallet in pink if you have the picture of one? :confused1: Anyway, the purse is absolutely darling and I am sure if you can't find one there are a few others that will look great. :tup: I am sure if any of us find one we can let you know.. good luck! :tup:
  15. I will keep my eyes open for one! I really hope you find it.