Pink Theda Pm~ I LOVE it so much

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  1. I love it. :biggrin:
  2. sooooooooooo cute^^
  3. Retailed for about $6000 right? anybody else?
  4. Gorgeous, like a jewel!
  5. One Word....Theda...and I'll click on anything..:P
  6. gorgeous.

    michelle has a similar one that she just bought!
  7. BEAUTIFUL Thedas!! My personal fave is the Turquoise... LOVED it ever since seeing it in a Japanese mag..

  8. Yep! I love it so much:


    I wouldn't mind buying another one in a different color. :love:
  9. yep yep:love:
  10. :love: yes so gorgeous!
  11. that is so pretty, even just to look at!
  12. The pink is sooo cute! Looks especially pretty on the Theda...
  13. OMG! I really love the Pink Theda!
    So cute ^o^
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