Pink Tartan Houndstooth Cape!

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    Pink Tartan -  Houndstooth Cape & Velvet Pants -  Neiman Marcus

    SO excited! Just ordered this from NM for $174 down from $498! :yahoo: What do you think? Do you think it would transfer over to Spring? I love the peterpan collar, sleeves, and addition of the belt esspecially:love:

    Just thought i'd share my find with you guys!
  2. lovely!! hey sammydoll!! : )
  3. very cute!
  4. hey buddeHHH! tehehe and dood! we totally joined tPF the same day! it's fate ;)
  5. very cute!
  6. ^hAHA! and we're on facebook!!
  7. Its so cute!! Argh... I can't buy any clothing until I lose weight (15 pounds). Now I'm depressed...
  8. I love it!:heart:
  9. I have that cape!!! It's beautiful and makes whatever you've got on look even more stylish. I like to wear mine with skinny jeans and high-heeled knee boots. The belted way worn by the model in the small pic is waaaay weird-looking. I tried it and it's a no-no. At least, on me! Congrats on a great buy!
  10. Think you'll look like a sweetie pie. Lols. Great buy!!:yahoo:
  11. Love Pink Tartan, they have great stuff. I find their clothing fits a bit large so I always get a smaller size.
  12. O:huh:o awesome! Now i'm super excited! I'm hoping the belted way works for me, it looks so cute on the model! Capetwinnss!:wlae:

    I'm definitely glad they had the XS in stock then! I have a hard time with jackets/coats because they tend to overwhelm me, especially in prints, but since this has shortened sleeves and no shoulder seams i'm thinking it should be okay. *fingers crossed*
  13. Great cape and great price! If it's not too heavy it will be great for spring. Enjoy!
  14. I like it.
  15. It's adorable! I really don't like how it's worn there, but I think it'd be really cute with a pencil skirt and some kitten heels.