Pink Suede VPs

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  1. I'm obsessed with this outfit. Does anyone have intel on where I could find these?

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  2. I had seen these on sale at Saks but they disappeared fast.....maybe call an SA to see if they will do a store locator search for you. Also, the consolidation sale will start soon....maybe a pair will show up then!
  3. Awesome!!!! I'm going to call Saks right now.
  4. So..........did you score a pair??
  5. #7 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    There is a pair in size 36.5 at Saks in NYC. Ask for Margaret she is a great!!
  6. deleted because of mistake in sizing
  7. No, I haven't scored yet. I'm going to lie in wait and see what pops up on Ebay in the post-sale season. I've gotten really lucky buying VPs in the fall/winter season.

    Patience is my best CL virtue.
  8. I wish I had your willpower... :P
  9. ^ LOL Perhaps my lack of funds is what makes me so creative!

    Does anyone have a SKU #? Any help is so appreciated!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm on my way home but as soon as I cross my door I will look at the box & post it
  11. Fuschia suede VP, $314.90 (SKU 452504136475).
  12. NAP UK has the fuschia suede VP on sale at 40% off - the size 39 is still available (just checked, in fact the 39 is the only size left now!!)
  13. Go!