Pink Signature Stripe tote or...

  1. I am down to 2 different bags.. which one would you pick





  2. hhmmm that is hard because neither one call my name but I think I would choose the patchwork. :tup:
  3. I'd go for the patchwork, its more versatile. I'm not too crazy about the new sig stripe stuff.
  4. Personally, I would go for the signature stripe tote! The patchwork is pretty, but I think it would get dirty too easily!
  5. i say sig stripe (and not because i just got it!) i think the patchwork is a bit seasonal and too hard to maintain...

  6. do you have any pics or modelings pics of your new signature stripe tote?
  7. I'd definitely say the sig stripe! It's so cute!:love:
  8. these are horrible because they're taken from my phone, but it's what i got!

    inside.jpg lovelypink.jpg modeling.jpg modeling2.jpg
  9. aww it looks soo cute... the drop looks good on you.. btw where are you on vacation at?
  10. sig stripe in pink!
  11. i'm in maryland right now visiting my family...i live in southern california now.
  12. well I think I want the signature stripe in pink .. plus the wallet is soo cute and matching wristlet
  13. what keyfob would look cute on her??? something pink?
  14. i've been debating on a keyfob, but i have no idea what i would put on there. i haven't really looked at the new ones, lemme check it out and see what i think i would do!
  15. I was looking on macys and saw this cute ladby bug in pink.. but it says silver/white??