Pink Shoulder from Donna

  1. Donna, the color on this bag is really lovely. Good luck!
  2. Very pretty and it does look a lot like Calcaire in the pictures.
  3. It's too cute!!! Good luck Donna w/ your auction!!
  4. pretty!
  5. I agree, it does look almost like Calcaire, so pretty! Love it!
  6. REALLY? It looks like Calcaire? Now what am I gonna do? Some people say its pink and some say Calcaire...can someone help? Either way, it must find a new home.
  7. Holy cow! I got 22 emails/messages that its actually Calcaire...but, it still must find a new home.
  8. Donna, would the codes on the tags give any indication of which color it is? The color is really difficult to discern. When I went back to Lvlady's original auction, I would swear that the bag looked like a calcaire in those pics, but in the ones you took it looks much more pink. I feel like I must know which color it is now! :nuts:
  9. Okay girls, it IS Calcaire.

    My most wonderful SA ever at balny looked at my auction and lvladys and said it is indeed Calcaire. LOVE him. He went over and beyond for me, I wasnt expecting an answer to my email for days!
  10. Good to know, but I see the price went up because of the new information! I guess the market values the calcaire.
  11. gorgeous! good luck donna!
  12. I changed the price so I could accept offers. Its been sold and after eBay and paypal fees, I still took a loss. But thats okay. It found a new home.
  13. I am glad you sold it quickly before I was even more tempted by it! Congrats!