Pink shoes?

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  1. I'm not really a pink girl. I never even considered pink shoes before. But I'm inexplicably drawn to these. Are they cute or tacky? Am I experiencing some kind of temporary lapse?? :wondering

    What do you think of them?
    Glamour puss.jpg
  2. cute !!! i just got my first pink shoes a week ago and i love them!!! :heart:
  3. Very Barbie.
  4. ^^ "i'm a barbie a barbie worldddd, life's fantastic.." he he, i hope i didn't recreate any bad or too off the wall memories reinstating that song.

    but, i think pink shoes are cool if you can and want to pull it off. i have these really bright colored signature fuschia coach shoes/sneakers that always attract people's attention. i love them and wear them ocassionally.
  5. Very cute!! I have a barbie pink pair of BCBG leather pumps that I got about two years ago and they still look fierce.
  6. i love pink shoes, for a bold yet girly statement. i wear my pink shoes on days that i feel gloomy, to cheer me up! i definitely get a lot of compliments on them.
  7. I think they're very cute..
    just please promise me you're not going to wear them with a head-to-toe pink outfit LOL!
  8. love the pink! it will really pop against jeans...
  9. :roflmfao: nope, i dont think i even own anything pink at the moment!
  10. very them!
  11. I think they're cute! I have a pair I'm selling that's similar and it has a lot of watchers. I think people like pink shoes!
    Come to think of it though, I don't have any pink shoes anymore though lol. I think I need some now. :lol: