Pink shiny goat in which style?

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  1. I need advice from those more familiar with M bags. Am in love with the vibrant color of pink shiny goat and want it in a bag (reminds me of H rose tyrien which I cannot afford). Choices are a Lily or a Bays

    My perfect bag size is a SBS or a Kelly 32. Polly push lock works but has extra space.

    Fear the Lily may be closer to too small than just right. But the Bays seems huge. I know I will not fill it and it will scrunch (hate that), but doubt Lily will hold enough

    Have experience with Bay, but not Lily. Will a Lily hold an iPhone and bigger wallet with space left? Would a bag insert keep the Bays crisp and upright?

    Thank you to all who reply
  2. Here is how empty my Polly is. Missing is the iPhone doing the picture taking. Do you think a Lily would work?

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  3. Does this colour come in the medium lily. As that would be the perfect size bag for you - much larger than the regular lily but a lot smaller than the bayswater :yes:
  4. A medium lily would be the perfect size for you or a small delay?
  5. Great minds !!!!
  6. The Lilys are pretty small, with a full size wallet you wouldn't have much room left. They are lovely little bags though. I agree with the others, if the Medium Lily came in that colour that would be perfect!!
  7. So far these appear to be the only bags in this color besides a clutch that really wouldn't work. Maybe they will offer others as the season progresses?

    I was afraid the Lily was too small. Glad I asked. :smile:
  8. I contacted M to ask if this color would be produced in additional bags. They quickly sent a reply saying they would check, but have yet to get back to me.

    Hgbags has the bayswater on sale. Debating just ordering it, I prefer to go too big than too small, but I know the second I do the email saying a medium sized bag is in the works will arrive.

    To buy or not to buy?
  9. I'd wait personally