Pink Satin Clutch


May 16, 2007
My clutch finally arrived!!! I have to say, its small, but can hold a ton. So much for Beverly Hills being slow-fedex picked up speed, I got it two days ahead of schedule.

I love it. If I wasn't so lazy I would post pics.

BTW-I saw the coral walk of fame. Not a fame-its more orangey. I am joining the Jill bandwagon and picking up the black. Also, saw the coral melrose in satin-OMG ITS THE CUTEST BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN. Suprisingly enough, Saks in NYC had a ton of bags today.
Chloe, I put my blackberry, brush, small wallet and my glasses in it. It all fit. I don't think my sunglass case would fit, but my regular glasses did. Its definately decieving. If I get off my butt today I will post. Just so tired!! I just got in from work at its not even 10am!!!
Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!!!

I should pop into Saks today to check it out. I have to go to Fifth Avenue for some shopping anyways.

I still want to see pics though~:graucho:
Congratulations, glad you finally got it!

I would also love to see some pics, but all in your own time of course. You do know that it's possible to take pictures even when you're lying on the couch? :graucho: