Pink sapphire or pink tourmaline

  1. Does anyone know an easy way to tell pink sapphires from pink tourmaline? Thanks!
  2. My guess is the color in a sapphire is typically brighter and a "cooler" tone pink than tourmaline because it's usually "Treated". Sapphire is also substantially "tougher" and can take a beating better than tourmaline. Don't quote me on that, I am not great with colored stones.
  3. Hi-pink tourmaline has a more 'pink-reddish' hue than pink sapphire and is usually darker and deeper. Some can look pinkish-brownish.

    Most sapphires are heat treated (unless certified by an accredited lab as natural) to bring out the color of the stone!

    Hope this helps!:smile:
  4. I've been looking at the Tiffany legacies a lot (Tiffany chooses very saturated colored gemstones, so this may not help with stones that are lower in quality) and I noticed that the pink tourmalines (rubelites) are more reddish in color - bright ruby red. The pink sapphires on the other hand, are almost cotton candy pink in color with some even having a slight purple-ish tinge.

    Ame - you're right. Pink sapphire is corundrum and with a hardness of 9, nearly rivaling that of the diamond. Tourmalines are only around a 7, so it's a much softer stone, so more care will have to be taken with tourmalines/rubelites. Their prices also vastly differ :biggrin:
  5. There is no way to just tell. It is not true that there is a color difference, yes lower quality sapphire is lighter but the best pink sapphire are a very deep pink or reddish too since ruby is also a corundum and some are borderline, there are pinksih rubies and reddish pink sapphires very deeply saturated ones where it may be a bit difficult to determine whether they should be called rubies or sapphires. The best pink sapphires are of course not reddish but a very vibrant, saturated deep fuchsia pink and the best rubies are not pinkish. The biggest difference between pink sapphires and tourmalines is their hardness determined on the Mohs scale but you cannot see that with the naked eye. Of course really good pink sapphires are a better choice and higher in value.
  6. haha that's the only thing I could truthfully spout as fact. haha!
  7. Thanks everyone! I know that pink sapphires are more expensive and more durable, but pink tourmaline is my daughter's birthstone so I'm actually planning to get tourmaline. These will be her first earrings :smile:
  8. Cute!!! I think for earrings tourmaline are great, because toughness isn't as important in your ears :smile:
  9. Sounds like a great choice! Also can be much less $$ too. I love PT-the color is so pretty and different!