Pink/salmon CB hobo or salmon e/w flap?

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  1. Help me choose? If you have had the privelage to have seen both, are they different enough in colour that I can get both? Thank you.
    cb hobo.jpg ew.jpg
  2. i'll take the e/w flap.
  3. E/W...hands down!
  4. Ahh, this is a no brainer for me, the e/w!!! :love: :drool: :love: I absolutely love the coral color (I have a medium flap in caviar), and the coral in lambskin is so vibrant and pretty!! :love: Ohhh, in terms of whether or not both are different, hmm, the tote is more of a lighter rosey coral, so I guess you could get both, but if it were me, I would probably get a different tote all together and absolutely buy the e/w. :smile:
  5. E/W definitely !
  6. [​IMG]


    Will go for e/w flap instead:love::flowers:
  7. Definitely the flap - gorgeous!
  8. E/w
  9. Flap hands down!!!!! That's a beauty!
  10. another vote for the flap here.
  11. And another vote for the e/w flap. The color is absolutely stunning.
  12. I prefer this style bag in that color - very unusual and striking.
  13. ^^ thanks for all the votes guys. :tup:
    I guess it's pretty obvious which bag leads the way
  14. Well I hope you get it and look forward to modeling pics :smile:
  15. I agree with everyone, the ew is the one.