Pink Rain Boots

  1. has anyone seen any around? if so, please advise! i am looking for the short boot.

    thank you in advance! :smile:
  2. Hi, I got a pair of pink rain boots from burberry at the outlet store in New York (Woodbury) and they were only $20.
  3. OMGGGG, may i ask when this was? and if there were lots of sizes available? i am a 37. thank you!!!!
  4. there was acutally only 4 or 5 pairs which people dove into at the burberry sample outlet at woodbury last time. i don't know if they still have that may want to check. but there were a variety of sizes. :smile:
  5. i forgot to ask, do they do charge sends? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE say they do!!
  6. Im looking for the burberry rainboots also. Do they still have these. I have a burberry store here in atlanta buts its pretty far.
  7. THe pink ones, I don't thinkt hey have them anymore at a regular burberry store. But they definitely have rainboots. I just saw them the other day on the website.
  8. I saw some at the Vacaville, CA Burberry outlet at $80-ish just this week! Don't know if they're the short ones though .. they looked like regular wellie-sized boots. Good luck:tup:
  9. I'm looking for the same ones!!
  10. FYI...i was just in the burberry outlet at the premium outlets here in orlando last week and they had boxes on top of boxes of the pink plaid wellies...69 i believe was the price.
  11. thank you so much, everyone! :smile:
  12. Those are sooo cute!
  13. I want some, too ... they're so adorable!
  14. I was just at the outlets in Vacaville, CA. They are the short pink rain boots. I saw a few 36,37 and 38. I think it was either 69 or 79. I can't remember which.