Pink Purse Now Has $999 Bin With Free Shipping

  1. Why do some of these pics look familiar? This is not the same seller as the other PP Purse up for auction.
  2. No fendi, the pics are mine and this auction is mine...lil sis listed it for me since I'm having problem with my eBay ID.

    Thanks for posting julielive...
  3. Wow, that looks beautiful. The handles are not darkened at all. If I had not just bought a white purse on eBay, this would be mine!
  4. Gotcha;)
  5. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  6. Oooh that's a gorgeous bag! I have a Paddy on ebay right now (selling to pay for the bbag I just bought!) but if that sells, I just might have to get this since the other one is technically paid for already (purse math!). I LOVE it!:heart:
  7. KMSNYC...I love your "purse math"!!! It's basically the same as what I'm doing...letting go of this to get another one. The fun never stops.
  8. I'm a newbie on the forum...but I just bid on this bag. I'm excited and thinking I've lost my mind (I recently bought a Dior leather hobo and a LV ellipse)...

    It'll be my first BBag, if I win!!!
  9. Good luck on getting the bag. It is a very pretty color and a great sytle.