Pink PST w/ gold HW available at NM Troy, MI

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  1. If anyone is looking for it before the price increase, call Lisa Hamlin 2486433300:smile:
  2. Is the price on this $1250, or $1500? I always get confused. Thanks!:love:
  3. it's $1250 right now
  4. Thanks! I really think that this bag can be used year round.:tup:
  5. I used mine today.....:graucho:
  6. Do you think thay you could pm me with a photo? That would be so helpful. :yes: Not sure of the color. Is it the same as the medium classic that NM has? Thanks so much!:smile:
  7. camelotlady, the color is the same as medium classic flap.
  8. i love this bag in pink......
  9. Thank you! I think I'll call Lisa today!:smile: