Pink PST at NM - on sale...$945

  1. Saw several bags at Neiman's in Tampa. One was a pink PST - sale price was $945. Several large bowler/doctor looking bags from the Outdoor Collection? small black bag that was cute but was too small for me! And another, I don't know the name of, but I borrowed a pic of Maxter's from her post. Her bag (shown here) is pink...I think the one in NM's is this exact style in a dusky blue.

    If you're interested call the Chanel Boutique within Neiman's at 813-877-5700 x 2277. Ask for Mary or Lyndsey...they've both been very helpful!

    Good luck! There were some nice bags there on sale!
  2. Ooooo a pink PST, i would totally love that!
  3. Photomj, actually this bag is RED. Didn't quite capture the color with the camera. It is from the Outdoor Ligne and some SAs call it the Distressed Ligne. The leather wears like iron and is like distressed caviar. HTH

    The blue in that ligne is gorgeous. I have it in a hobo version:
  4. Hey mj how did that small black bag look...[​IMG]
  5. sounds tempting! thanks for posting!
  6. Hi Sinny!

    It was very small...almost like a clutch but it had a small metal chain. Way too small for me to wear on my shoulder! I'm thinking it had some metal on the front of it? Sorry that I am so bad at descriptions! Call the store. I'm sure they'll give you the names! That blue bag, like Maxter's was pretty cute as well!
  7. PST for sale? I thought the classic line never went on sale, ever.

    Is it just seasonal colors in the classic line that do go on sale?
  8. It's because of the color. You'd never find black or white on sale, I'm sure.
  9. Thanks for the info. :smile:
  10. thanks for sharing!!