Pink Pony City only $ 895 (99800yen)??

  1. I was browsing the websites listed under Atelier Naff's authorized Balenciaga retailer, and found this:

    The retail for the pony city is $1410 here, but this site is only selling for 99800 yen, which is only around $895??

    What you ladies think :amazed:
  2. I think it's really pretty!
  3. Oooh that's a great price and cute!
  4. when Sacoche boutique had a their sale - pony hair bags were like 30% -40% off I think;)
  5. There are some great bags on that site!

    Does anyone know how to convert yen into US dollars?
    (Or perhaps a conversion website of some sort?)
  6. try
  7. ^^^ Thank you! I just used Google and found
    It seems pretty user-friendly :smile:

    I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy bbags with Yen? Or maybe the shipping would be outrageous? Has anyone had any expeiences regarding this?
  8. I am ordering this bag and I will post any update. I am just surprised they sell their first pony cheaper than the city......