Pink plastic Birkin?

  1. Today at the nearby consignement store, I saw a pink translucent "Birkin". Is that an actual Hermes bag, or is a copy from somewhere else?
  2. LOL Perja, it must be one of those infamous "Jelly Kellys" (which actually look like Birkins)! Those were quite hot a few years ago.
  3. I think it might of been one of those Jelly bags. They are copies. I think it was called the Jelly Kelly.
  4. Yep, Jelly Kelly...too funny...someone made a ton of money on those!
  5. Jelly Kellys. Quite hot sometime ago. Wait....Naomi has one.:cool:
  6. HAHA i've seen those in those "outlet" type department stores for $5.00
  7. So it's definitely worth 70 euro, right?
  8. lol @ "Jelly Kelly". you should not pay more than $20 US for one
  9. Should read "definitely NOT worth"
  10. I totally forgot about this fad -- I had no clue what Hermes bags were back then so of course I had no that these jelly bags were a rip off of the Hermes... :P
  11. Didn't Hermes sue the guy or something? And I think Furla came out with something similar but they had to pull it.