Pink! Pink! Pink!!! My Gummy Pink Rockie is here!!!!!~~REVEAL~~

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  1. She's here!!!!! So excited! I saw this lovely bag in my email and immediately had to order it!!! I love anything pink and the pastel baby pink color is so soft and pretty! So, without further adieu... Here she is...The Rockie in Gummy pink..

    packaging and dust bag...

    Unfortunately, here is what she looked like after I unwrapped her... Aw...poor thing...

    ... After some fluffing... Much better..

    More pics...



    Love these studs... So shiny!!

    That's all folks! Enjoy!
  2. So cute!
  3. super cute color. I couldn't rock that but I'm sure it will look great on you. mod shots too please.
  4. The cutest pink! And the light gold hardware looks beautiful against it. Congrats!
  5. Sorry, last pic... Here she is all dressed up with a Hello Kitty bag charm...

  6. Yummy! Congrats on your new bag!
  7. Love her!! The Baby Pink looks great with that hardware and love that they used the grey for the interior instead of black. Enjoy carrying her! Congrats! :love:
  8. It's great, love that it's just a touch of pink :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone! I just love her!!! 😻❤️
  10. Beautiful color combo of pink and gold.....loves it : )
  11. AHHH so adorable! Congrats!
  12. How fun and cute! And perfect for the current season... enjoy!
  13. The colour is so lovely! Enjoy your new bag :smile:
  14. That color is really cute. :smile: Congrats.
  15. That is adorable, I wish I could pull off that color. Enjoy it!