Pink Petite Shopper on Sale and Kellys on the shelf at NM!

  1. Ok, just got back from NM in Troy, MI. I had my SA, Lisa Hamlin, email me a pic of the Pink Petite Shopper that just got marked down. So cute, just not the color I was looking for- but I know someone here might be looking for this!

    Pink Petite Shopper Originally $1350, Now $945 :nuts:

    This is the first time in a long while that I saw Chanel Kellys on the shelf! They had beige and black in the smaller style (like mine). I believe the black was lambskin and the beige was caviar. They also had a ton of stock right now, so if you are trying to find a particular bag, it might be worth a call! They must have gotten a new shipment lately.

    Any questions, call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442!!!

    Remember- double InCircle Points are going on right now!
  2. How much are the Kellys?
  3. Wow!!! That's an AWESOME deal! Hope someone snatches it up!

    I saw a black Kelly at my NM as well in Scottsdale.
  4. it's cute!Thank's for letting us know JAG:smile:
  5. great deal on a classic piece in a fun color! someone snatch it up!!
  6. excellent deal....
    I am wanting something in tempting......
  7. ooooooooooohhhhhh i want this...where's my money.:sad:
  8. oh thats so cute!
    Did you see any other totes or colors on sale?
    I'll have to call your s/a!
  9. hi jag, can I have Lisa's email information because I can't reach her through the phone (there's time difference).
  10. I'll Pm you with it!!! :flowers: