Pink Perfo Bandeau...MUHAHAHAHA!

  1. I just snagged one off of e-lux, and probaly got one of the last onces since I went right back in with e-bates to try and re add it to my cart and it wasn't there!!!

    You have no idea how happy this just made me. I just came back from a calculus 4 review...a 3 hour long calc 4 review and evil evil calc 4 is the only thing standing in my way right now before I GRADUATE on the 25th with my bachelors of engineering degree!!!

    Just thought I'd share 'cause I'm super psyched! I also found out today my parents are gonna buy me an LV for graduation...I really want a speedy 25, and I'm torn between Damier and Epi black with the silvery hardware...any suggestions ladies? Which one will wear the best since it will be an everyday bag?

    ALMOST DONE! Then I have a job to FEED my ADDICTION!!!! :love:
  2. both are great and long lasting choices. its a tough descision as both will match mostly anything! good luck =)
  3. Congrats! Even my PHH at the store today talked about how much he liked it.
  4. Congrats! My husband just got me one too, for my B-day and it's really nice!
  5. I Love The Bandeau!
  6. I have it in orange and love it...congrats...!!!!! You will really use it alot!
  7. Oooooh. You are so lucky.
  8. Here is my Orange Bandeau w/ my Saleya PM:

    Anyone knows the correct way to tie it on the bag, still trying to find the right way :blink: any tips would help, heehee:biggrin:
  9. Wow, congrats! I really want one too, and my mom is going to Paris on tuesday, so maybe I can convice her to snag one up for me :smile:
  10. love my perfo beandeau fushia :heart: you will love it ! here's a pic of my speedy 25 and 30 wearing there bandeau and twilly ;)

  11. sometimes i tie ribbon it on the handle sometimes i let the bag wear it like a scarf LOLO :biggrin: check out the pics above i posted of my speedy 25 and 30 :love: i just love the bandeaus
  12. oooohh you're gonna love it im sure! i got one too! :smile:
  13. You are sooo lucky!! I have been stalking elux for days in hopes of nabbing one!
  14. Boku-Tie it on your bag at the metal ring will lie better and look pretty.thats how I put it on my BH.