Pink Patent Satchel not yet....

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  1. I was so excited, as my SA thought today was the day and nope! Nada! Which means not until next week now will she be in my hands at the earliest. She said JAX told her today, so i wonder why it was changed? Maybe they just get the same mixed answers as we do???

    So bummed....
  2. o did you order the pink patent pursegal? yeah i think the dates keep changing on when the other colors are gonna come out?? :confused1:
  3. yeah....i am so bummed

    i would love to have had her this weekend for a nice dinner we are going to, w/ a cute outfit.
  4. awww... thats too bad pursegal, sorry to hear that... yeah i'm waiting just to order one! lol... i hope its as cute as it is in the pictures, otherwise there are gonna be a lot of sad coachies! :sad:
  5. Nooooo, pursegal!!!! Say it isn't so!!! I was so excited going to bed last night and doing a happy dance when I woke up that this could be ordered today! And alas, no. . .

    When I called JAX on Monday, the gal did say Friday though - I was just hoping the date had been upped and that yet again, it was misinformation. Argh!!!! Tick tock tick tock. . . .
  6. I hope the wait of this bag will be worth it! I hate not being able to try on a bag or see it IRL when buying... this will be my first time doing it... :s
  7. I've stopped believing the release dates, now I just check my order number (multiple times daily!) for a change of status.

    It's too painful to hear a new date and have it be wrong...
  8. oh that is too bad. The patent pink satchel is TDF!
  9. UPDATE!!!

    They ordered it ! They evidently had a small amount come in and I got one! I should have it on Friday or tomorrow!!
  10. Wow, that's great!! CONGRATS!!!
  11. ^woohoo. you know we want pics right!?
  12. Great news! Cant wait to see it!
  13. well of course! I cant wait for everyone to see her, and I guess this time I might have to do modeling pics.... :nuts:
  14. congrats! it is a beautiful bag and I can't wait to see your pics!! :biggrin:
  15. ahh i'm so excited for you! i would order this too if knew how it looked IRL. I can't wait to see pictures!!!!! Please let us know the actual length of the strap drop and if the kisslock is all up in your pits haha. I hope not! I'm so excited as if I'm getting the bag tomorrow haha...Congratz!!!