Pink Patent Satchel is here.....BUT....

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  1. I am not really feeling it!!!! I LOVE the color, fabric etc. But the magnetic snaps are driving me crazy!!! THey will not stay closed. Anyone who has this bag.... Is this doing that on your too??? I just think for this kind of money I need to LOVE it!! Ya know?

    What do I do??
  2. :crybaby:

    Oh.... I am so sorry! I love mine but I haven't really messed with the closures. If you do not LOVE it by all means don't keep it.
  3. I think you have already answered your own question about what to do - you don't love it, so I think you should return it. That is a lot of money to have tied up in something you are feeling only "meh" about.
  4. Oh man! I agree, if you don't LOVE it, don't keep it.. that's an expensive bag!!!! :nuts:
  5. I agree with what everyone here is saying. If you are not in love with your new bag, return it and buy something that you really love.
  6. I don't know what I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah I haven't really messed too much w/the closures, I know what you are talking about, mine closes fine though... I'm still indecisive about my navy satchel because I haven't filled it or really worn it around to see if I LOVE it! I mean I do because the color is gorgeous, but I just gotta see yet...
  8. any pictures of your pink satchel?
  9. You definitely have to LOVE it if you are going to keep it. $498 is just too much money to spend on something that doesn't make your heart go pitter pat!!
  10. Return it and get something you really love. Dont let it stay and just sit in your closet. Get something you can get use of.