Pink Patent NP's shipped from NM & BG

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  1. I noticed that the regular patent NP's were back on the system at NM and they were showing as in stock. I checked BG and my order is in process. It looks like those who have ordered the nude and the pink should be getting their orders shortly.

    They have 39.5, 10 and 42 showing as in stock in fuschia.
  2. Can't wait to see them!
  3. I did a live chat and they told me my order would be shipped on the 21st

  4. Yep, I just got one of those "Call to confirm delay" voicemails last week. Just called now to confirm delay and was told "nevermind - has an arrival date of the 21st".:tup:
  5. I just checked and was told arrival date of the 21st as well. :yahoo:
  6. Ladies - Keep checking. More sizes are showing now. Never know what may show up!
  7. My nude np's from NM are scheduled for the 16th, two more days,can't wait!... I bought a pair of these last spring, wore them once, soo loose they fell off my feet, I gave them to my daughter, sooo glad I had the opportunity to purchase them again !!
  8. GUESS WHAT~~~ I got an email last night that mine had shipped!!!! They will be here on the 18th!!!!! wooo hoooo a lot faster than I thought!