Pink Patent Cork-Heel Shoes

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  1. I found a pair at a real cheap store where I live. I normally dislike pink, and I normally dislike heels, but these are just so incredibly awesome and cheap that I must buy them.

    I was thinking about wearing them in a sort of "scene" look with black capris, studded belt, band t-shirt [Windir = a non-scene band, to un-scene the look], and big sunglasses.

    Should I go for it or am I just wasting space and money?
  2. Why not, they sound pretty!
  3. they do sound pretty cute
  4. I thought more and I definitely will buy them with my next paycheck once I pay my cellphone and pay my friend $10-15 for a PSP I bought from him.
  5. they sound too cute especially paired with the outfit mentioned. I love cork. I recall these pink cork wedges from Charles by Charles David that I am kicking myself for not buying. Pic courtesy of eBay.