Pink Patent B Bag Medium Size?

  1. Has anyone seen one on sale around lately?

    I missed the one at Barney's! :crybaby:And NOW I realize I really want one *sigh*...

    Thanks for your help!
  2. there, there, Nu. Have you tried calling a boutique?
  3. I didn't! :hysteric: I probably should tomorrow!
  4. They still have it on the netaporter UK site for £905.
  5. Thanks Trix, but I'm not sure if they ship it to the US.

    Instead, I got the large one from Bluefly. Let's see if it's TOO MUCH pink :p.
  6. :amuse:good for you...please post pics...the pink b bag is so yummy
  7. I definitely will! I love the color too Dee Dee! :yahoo:

    For some reason, Bluefly takes ages to ship my order. The status has been "at warehouse" for a long time now! When is it going to ship?!