Pink panda in Hawaii?

  1. A question for you lucky ladies who live in Hawaii: Do you know if I can still find the Lesportsac Pink Panda (non toki print) at any of the shops in Hawaii and if they will ship (for a premium i'm sure) to the mainland? :confused1:

  2. I was able to get some pink panda on eBay this week for a fair price - did you check there? :smile:
  3. Yeah, they have a couple on eBay, but I like the large nolita and the deluxe everyday bag (yes... mom bags). I don't even know if they come in Panda, but I was going to try to find them first...
  4. Yay for mom bags!!! I'm a mommy too!!! I just got a cosmetic bag in Pink Panda b/c I wanted something cute, but the Toki ones are too pricey for my budget at this point. ;)
  5. the panda print is currently at the waikele outlet, and is only available in a couple of styles...
  6. waikiki has some.
  7. What are the retail prices for the panda bags? :biggrin:
  8. I second this question! And if it's not to much perhaps what kind of styles are available :graucho:
  9. i think they're the regular lesportsac styles. you can probably find them on the lesportsac site.
  10. I'm looking for the large Panda Tribeca Tote but can't find any on eBay...
  11. i just called the outlet and they don't have the large nolita...just the medium and large weekender.
  12. Pink pandas are really cute :tup::graucho:
  13. Thanks for checking on the Nolita! I appreciate the input. I think i'll have to go wtih the bucket tote or tribeca (saw those on eBay). The normal bags sure seem inexpensive compared to the Tokidoki bags!
  14. I want to get the pink panda tribeca bag...I haven't seen it in person yet on how big it might be...
  15. There's a couple on ebay. I don't know how big that style is either, sorry. :shrugs:
    I have a cosmetic bag in this print and it's way cuter in person. :love: