Pink Paddington

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  1. Oh never mind. If you look at the inside of the bag, its not khaki color lining. Its fake. but it looks so real.
  2. Aww.. bummer, it's pretty cute. :sad:
  3. I think lebagboutique sells real bags
  4. Yes, maybe it's a fake, but the colour pink/beige is soooo nice :smile:
  5. not all of the bags have a beige lining, some of the new ones have a darker one (2006 chocolate has a dark brown lining) it's kind of a tossup as to whether this one is real, because it's the only one i've ever seen of that color.
  6. Superbaby, When I spoke to My SA from Balharbour, he told me about the pink one. I said well she had to be wearing a fake! He said it was the owner of the store that was wearing it. She would definately not be wearing a fake. So it does indeed exist. Owner of a serious shop in Balharbour FLA.
  7. I've not seen the pink ones on chloe website though.. and i asked my SA from NM and she never heard of it..
    Oh well, i still won't buy it from ebay though. :amuse:
  8. I know I have never seen it. I was wondering if my SA was imagining that it was a paddington, but now that I see it from Lebag boutique it kind of confirms that he was right with the bag. I have heard good things about that site too on E-bay though no personal experience.
  9. I havent heard of it either, but that would be sooo cute :love: My cruise collection black paddy came in, but I think I'm going to pass on it. The new colors that came out are cute, and I'm falling in love with the cream.
  10. Its the same bag, same listing... :huh:
  11. The color is craire from fall 05 collection. It's whitish with pinkish tone. The bag is authentic.
  12. Wow I had no idea about the pink, but I know the folks at Bal Harbour don't mess around :idea:
  13. the seller is located an hour from me; it's just funny because my curiosity has the best of me on where someone could acquire so many authentic Chloe bags in Colorado. :weird:

    Maybe they have a contact overseas...I will stick to NAP and Neiman's for Chloe; but the bag does appear legit.