Pink overdose??????????

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  1. Hi all, i really need some advice on this ... it is going to sound silly so pardon me :P

    My first bal is a sorbet first and I love it to bits!! I thought I can never carry a pink bag (I am OLD!!), but suprisingly it matches really well with my neutrals, casuals and of course my dresses ..

    I love sorbet so much that I wanna have a piece of it to see and use EVERYDAY, so I ordered a Sorbet mini money from Erica so that I can use a sorbet even if I am not using my sorbet first :nuts:

    now, should I get a another sorbet bag that is bigger than my first?

    First is a great size for my size but i cant use it if I bring my kids out cos I need additional space to hold sweaters and waterbottles.... will I have a pink overdose if I get a twiggy or box or drum or town in sorbet? or should I get it in another pink (which pink will you suggest?)?

    any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I love pinks too and am secretly afraid that I will overdose on pink myself....if I haven't already.

    I have a Sorbet Work and am waiting the arrival of my Sorbet SGH City. I will not divulge the rest of my "pink" bals because even I admit that I have too many.

    I say - if you love Sorbet - go for it - but will add that Pivoine is a really pretty pink alternative. It is slightly lighter than Sorbet. I can post a comparison if you like.
  3. magjes, where'd you able to order a Sorbet at this time? Within the U.S.? I really want a sorbet rosegold but will settle for one in silver hardware...Do you think a pivoine with gold hardware will be gorgeous? Or it might make the pivoine even more washed-out pink that it already is? It seems all the pics I see of pivoine and IRL is kind of like pink with whitish veins...
  4. MAGJES - I would love to see that comparison!! I am struggling to decide on the "right" color pink accessory...
  5. Nope, as long as you love it then you should get it! I have quite a few pink bags already but all I can think about are pink colored bags too. :sweatdrop: It's my favorite color and it just works for me so I keep coming back to it as it speaks to me lol. Pink is a very versatile color and feminine. I love my sorbet bag to bits too! It brings me a lot of joy using it since it's such a fun color.

    How about getting a town? It has a nice long strap that is useful when you can't carry it with your hands. Seems like a size you would like. Recently, balenciaga has been coming out with lots of pink shades. Pink was so scarce a couple of years back and I had to wait a long time before they came out with a nice pink shade. So that is something to think about.

  6. Thanks MAGJES!! I am always curious about pivoine and the difference between pivoine and pink :smile:) .... apart from diamonds, I love pink the most!!!!
  7. I bought my Sorbet SGH City from RDC. I also have Pivoine RGGH - I think it's really pretty :tup:. I will post a pic.

    Coming up! :smile:

  8. I thought of a town too, but to be honest the shape is way too similar to my first ... i am seriously thinking of twiggy cos it is a barrel shape and looks sooooo very cute! City unfortunately is too big for my body frame
  9. I would not dream in a thousand years that I would ever own a pink bag. I have a 2005 Bubblegum Pink Work and use her all the time. Love her with browns, beige and jeans.

    Get more pink but a different one.
  10. Here you go...

    Sorbet and Pivoine RGGH

    Framboise GGH

    ...and 2008 Bubblegum RH ....(Pivoine looks a lot like '08 Bubblegum to me).


    I adore Maxxout's '05 Bubblegum Work - I would love to find one in great condition.
  11. pivoine and sorbet look really similar in pictures!!
  12. ^^^
    Thank you hon...I will keep my eye open for you.

    These are great pics!!! Lucky you. But yes, you need 05 BG Pink:biggrin::heart::biggrin:
  13. If you are going to use the bigger pink bag, I'd get it for sure!

    Either a Twiggy (since the shape is different from your First) or a Town (because it looks like the First that you adore, but it fits so much more inside!! I bought a Sang Town, and since then, have never used my 2005 Tomato First again).
  14. if you love it, get it. but i would get another shade of pink (ie not sorbet) for a bit of variety :smile: i love pink to but try to limit my buying of bags by only getting 1 of each color (except for my 2 black bags).
  15. oh i love pink! i have the magenta city GSH- i wonder how it compares to all the lovelies above!

    MAGJES!!! i am so envious! WOW!!!