Pink Ostrich Mitzy is here!

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  1. Well my neighbour kindly took in my bag....they are total bird I never told them the contents!

    Please, please honest opinions only...
    I wasn't sure when I opened it,a real statement bag but it's really growing on me. I love the look of it (it's definately a summer bag though).
    The colour is not as bright as I feared and the texture seems to tone it down somewhat.
    Not overly keen on the grey suede lining (but I suppose they are a bit stuck for choices on that one)
    My only negative comment would be that it's quite stiff. My Oak Mitzy is quite squidgey.
    The handle is very stiff still but with some weight in it I think it might mould to my shoulder better in time?
    I can see myself using it in the summer with some pretty skirts and tops and yet it's still quite casual.
    I'd love to hear your comments, good and bad (no offence will be taken)
    Oh yes, please excuse the work clothes and quick change as I'm quickly popping out, but wanted to show you!
  2. I am not a pink lover myself but if I was I am sure that I would be delighted with that bag. The Ostrich texture is lovely and it doesn't look at all stiff to me. You look great carrying it.
  3. Rachiem I LOVE it. It really suits you. Fab bag. Hope she is a keeper.
  4. It looks quite a coral pink rather than a Barbie pink. Ostrich aside (as you know I'm not a lover) it's a good style on you. At the moment the strap does look quite stiff but I'm sure that would soften.
  5. You look absolutely fab! Matching scarf and all - congrats! Love your kitchen, btw!
  6. A stunning bag ! I am sure it will soften up. More for the summer as you say. What a lovely match with your scarf. Beautiful kitchen as well !
  7. Rachie, ok - completely honest comments!

    ITS GORGEOUS! I love the picture with the matching scarf, it looks beautiful with your colouring too,

    It looks bigger than the original hobo, but as you say that could be because it is stiffer than usual so is not slouching as much, but could well start to soften after use.

    I love ostrich so I am biased I guess, but try to put aside the original price, and think is this bag worth almost 600 pounds to me (as you say you think you would only wear it in summer months?)
    I think it is worth it ;)

  8. I love the colour on you and it matches with your scarf really well, I also like the ostrich...makes it that little bit more unique! :biggrin: Being honest, the only thing that I am not so keen on is the size, I think it looks a bit big on you - but maybe that's because it's empty and therefore it's hanging more flat, maybe it would look a bit smaller when it's more rounded and in shape with some stuff in it? Just my opinion, so no disrespect meant, it's still gorgeous! :smile:
  9. #9 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    Honestly, I don't really think any bag is worth £600!! I try not to think of the price too much otherwise I will end up selling every bag!!
    I would rather buy this at £600 than the reg lipstick at £495 any day.
    I have had a real clearout of some of my bags and I think this is a good use of the money...I was saving it for a small blueberry Bays clutch (but they are only being produced in reg, so I'm not going to buy that now). I had allowed myself one summer purchase and I think this might be it.
    It's actually a very pretty pink.
    It does look big, I've just spoken to Mulberry and they tell me that it will soften up nicely with use.
  10. ^ Yes I think it would soften up really quickly honey, and have been thinking about it - most bags instore are well touched and fondled before we get our hands on them, but ostrich is usually kept behind the counter or out of reach so it just hasnt been handled much at all probably!!!! It will be all yours to soften up! :biggrin:
  11. I think it's a spectacular bag! I like pink and Mitzys and this def is a great combination.
  12. Rachie, you asked for honest opinions so please don't shoot me down.

    The bag is nice and I would love to own something in ostrich but I am not a fan of the Mitzy style. I really loved the Alexa on you, I thought it really suited you and you suited the style.

    My dislikes aside, it is a great summer colour.

  13. #13 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    CB, they got one straight out of storage for me, it hadn't even been in the shop front, never thought of that but that makes sense.
    The one in the shop floor had ink marks on it!!
    No worries Tiree, I must admit I tend to go for slouchier bags than structured bags (I just love Shimmys and Mitzy) I always admire my Oak Mitzy on me (sorry if that sounds vain) but that's even more slouchier.
    It's strange, my Mitzy is my fav bag but I don't have it on my album?? Not sure why not??
  14. ^ Well then Rach, my vote is she is a complete keeper - my only one tiny issue was the size due to stiffness, but that is more than explained if she has never ever been touched up ;) lol

    I love it!!!

    Im picturing you in little sandals and a white summer dress with this bag - wowser!
  15. This from someone who wouldn't wear a pink bag, doesn't do slouchy and is not keen on ostrich - I think it looks really good on you!!!!!!! Great colour for summer and once the strap and bag have softened i think you'll have your dreamy summer bag!
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