Pink or "this" black?


Pink or Black

  1. Pink .....medium caviar flap & forget about this black bag

  2. Black

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  1. Please help! I have attached 2 pictures. Is the black one too weird looking? Does it look like intestines or a brain? Which is more versatile?

    Both of them are medium flap & the black one does not have leather lining. I have heard that most of you say that a BLACK medium flap is a classic; what about this one? Currently, I don't own any black bag. But can will this the style of this black bag last? Or should I just keep the pink medium flap? Please give me some opinions as I am sooo undecisive! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: Any opinions about the pink & the black one will be great! Thanks!

  2. I like the black one. There are 2 on eBay I believe... But I think I like the pink one better, because I don't really like the inside of this particular black one (is fabric and no CC's),although the black one looks soft and huggable...
  3. I personally don't like the black one at all (is that "Astrakan" or whatever?). It looks very odd to me.
  4. Go with the pink
  5. I don't like the black. The leather makes the bag too busy. I prefer the pink classic flap.
  6. the black does look odd, the pink though is always a winner!
  7. Please keep the pink flap! :tup:
  8. Pink
  9. i like the pink one better
  10. pink :smile:
  11. defo another pink vote here!!

    The black astrakan may look nice in real life (I havent seen it), but on camera, its just very odd looking!
  12. i prefer the pink from the pics, because the black one look hm.... wrinkle
  13. The pink hands down, and I'm totally a black bag girl usually. This black bag is....scary:wtf:.
  14. pink...its so girly and cute yet classic...not feeling the black design as much =X
  15. Did you pick the black one yourself or is it something that your SA thought you might like?