Pink or Purple Chanel Bags Anywhere??

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  1. Anyone seen them in stores currently? Would love a purple jumbo flap! Thanks for any help!
  2. SA told me she has the pink classic flap in the medium size at her NM Dallas downtown store.
  3. Thanks!!! Is that the pale pink? Has anyone seen a jumbo in either color? I find the medium flap is too small for me.
  4. Thanks for the tip Savannah. :smile: I've been looking for a pink medium caviar classic flap w/ silver h/w, but I've seen several (my NM had two, my SA had TWO sent over), and all of them were not in good (meaning perfect) condition. :crybaby: I think that finding a perfect condition pink caviar classic flap is very difficult, because most stores only have one, at most two, and those with one seem to send their display bags! :tdown: If anyone sees a brand new with original tags pink caviar flap w/ silver h/w, please let me know! :smile: :heart:

  5. what a cute bag! but the authenticity card and the hologram number does not match..

  6. That is too bad...what size is this one?