Pink or orange Passementerie?

  1. I'm about to order the latest version of the Passementerie scarf, and the only colours that attract me are the pink colorway and the orange colorway.

    I'm not able to see the new scarves irl, so I'd be grateful for any opinions.

    I'm blonde, pale skin tone and either colour would be fine with my own clothing.

    Opinions? Many thanks, in advance!
  2. melisande, I don't know what that particular design looks like, but I'd go with the orange colorway. :smile:
  3. I have the pink colorway and it's one of my favourite carré from Hermes. It's a really nice light(!!) and cool pink. I'm not to sure about the orange colorway...perhaps somebody else has got this version? fyi: I have brown hair and have quite a pale skin tone as well.
  4. Thanks so much! I'm really torn, as I love the look of both colours, in pictures.

    Wish I could post the link, but it doesn't seem to be working for me right now...
  5. Also -- almost forgot! -- I was hoping that somebody could tell me whether the orange is actually more on the yellow side, or not.
  6. I have similar coloring to yours, from the sound of it. I'm very light complected with blond hair and blue eyes, and a cool undertone to my skin.

    The pink is rather a warm pink, but not in a bad way; it's quite lovely. It's not quite salmon, but it's more like a dusty pink.
    On me, the orange was way too "hot" and not flattering to my skin tone at all. I felt that it had a great deal of yellow in it, as opposed to red. It's not a deep or burnt orange; I'd say it's even lighter in tone than the orange box, if that helps.

    Good luck with your decision--Passementerie is so pretty!
  7. Thanks so much! This is really helpful.
  8. Melisande, which Passementerie are you referring to? There are two on that could fall in the orange category. The one they are classifying in the orange family at is definitely not orange to me--I've seen it IRL and it is more of a goldenrod yellow. However, the one that looks more of a deep burnt orange to me they are classifying in the red family which is odd to me.
  9. Thanks! I was thinking of the one that is listed in the 'orange' category on the site. I like the way the tassles are done mainly in brown tones, within the design.

    I thought that it looked quite yellow, as well -- but couldn't tell whether this was the computer.

    Do you think it's a wearable colour?
  10. I have the pink and think it's great but then I am a pink person and always seem to slide to that color -- a look in my scarf drawer says I need other colors!!
  11. Okay, that one is most definitely yellow with a slight orange cast to it; it really does belong in the yellow category and orange. It is a pretty challenging color to pull off IMO. Are you near a store where you can go and try it on?
  12. Unfortunately, I'm not. Everything that you are saying is really helping, though. Many thanks!
  13. i vote pink :biggrin:
  14. It's really funny. When I first looked at the scarves, I definitely wanted the pink -- and no other colour. It's only a week or so later that I begin to see the charm of the orange. And that's how I became torn!

    It really helps to hear from those of you who've bought the scarf, or seen the scarf. I appreciate it so much! Thanks for weighing in.
  15. Oh -- just wanted to ask... for those of you who have seen *all* of the colours, which did you think was the nicest of all (including all colorways, I mean -- and not just limiting yourselves to the orange and the pink)?