Pink or black?

  1. I need your help girls. I have $150 from the last egc event and I'm thinking about getting a black medium classic....before the price increase. BUT, [isn't there always a 'but'] I really want the pink medium classic at NM. That bag will go up as well.
    Currently I have a black Ultimate Soft and a coral medium classic.

    What should I do?:confused1:
  2. The black medium classic (lambskin), in my opinion. It's THE staple. It can be carried to any function, day or evening. It's simply elegant. Pink is a spring/summer bag that is more limiting -- depends what you're wearing. (I say spring/summer because I'm East Coast. If you live in Florida or a temperate climate, of course, you're going to get more time in with pink.)
  3. I prefer the black.
  4. I vote for the black as well! It's timeless and classy, you can dress up or just be in jeans & t-shirt and that bag will still look great. Plus, with the $150 egc makes it even better!
  5. Go fo the black !!
    jmen-I am on the east coast and I use my pink medallion - ALL year long !!! lol
  6. I'd say pink, but that's because I've been wanting a pink chanel for a long time!!!
  7. I say black too, and I am also on the east coast. In my area, you can't wear pink year round, it just does not work.

    But I have a friend who is dying for a pink flap, and she lives in the south. She would get use out of it year round. So it really does depend where you live, the climate, and then really which color you really want.
  8. I prefer the black
  9. I say black since you already have a coral color.
  10. Black. :smile:
  11. Hi! :smile: I absolutely LOVE pink (I might buy a medium pink caviar flap today!), but black is stunningly beautiful and a true staple classic piece. :smile: I started buying lots of color after I already acquired some of the more neutral staple colors (black, brown, beige, light beige, etc.), so since you already have the gorgeous coral flap (and we're twins! :p), I'd get the black for now. :heart: If anything, you can always get a pink E/W in the spring (I'm hoping either the pink or dark pink that are slated to be released will be offered in that size)... and that will still be less than the medium flap pre or post price increase! That way, you can have the coral, the black, and hopefully add the pink flap to your collection when spring rolls around! :smile: JMHO... of course, I really think that you should buy what makes you happy!! :heart:
    Edited to add - I might be waiting on the pink flap for a bit myself... I just received the call for my black crackled patent flap!!!!!
  12. If we're talking raspberry pink, magenta pinks, that's a horse of a different color for winter. I don't recall seeing women wearing pink in the winter just as I don't see white shoes. That's not to say one can't use pink; it's not the norm. Look around when you're holiday shopping at the mall. How many black accessories and clothing are people utilizing versus pale pink.
  13. True, if it's a deeper darker pink, then it's easier to use year round, no matter where you live.
  14. Decisions are hard for me as well....which explains the fact I try - like the Marines' slogan to "leave no Chanel behind" that I love. (modified of course from leaving no soldier behind). hehehe. :p

    I would say get the pink if you really LOVE that color - might be hard to find in the future....then get the black, which is a staple color.

    Of course, it goes without saying that you might get more use from the black...but you might never find that exact pink again.

    Good Luck!:tup:
  15. ^ I agree with Purrrfect. Even though the black is a much more practical color, the pink may be much harder to obtain in the future. And your heart seems set on the pink, so get that one.

    -Stephanie (pond23)