Pink Optic Styles

  1. Hi everyone! :smile:

    I'm new here....just found the forum yesterday. Can't wait to look around!

    Is there someplace that lists the different styles that have been available in the past for a particular pattern?

    I really want a pink optic purse but I want to be sure that I get the one I would like the best.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. you could try the drill down, i'm no help but i think those optic are really pretty!

    100 post!:happydance:
  3. I think Coach is discontinuing Optic, so that means you could find a great deal on one at an outlet!
  4. I remember the pink optic being at the outlet in March.
  5. I saw some pink optic this week at my outlet so you may want to call yours and see what styles they have left.

  6. Hi and welcome! I saw pink, white and lavender optic items at the Burlington, WA outlet last Friday. They have mostly small hobos and small double handle totes.
  7. LOL, could you tell me what the drill down is? :shame: Thanks!
  8. Thanks Aileen. I was at the outlet yesterday and the only one they had was a small one with a ladybug. I def need something much bigger. I carry a bunch of junk with me!

    What is the deal with the ladybug anyway?
  9. Actually, Coach is coming out with a new optic with leather straps somewhat like that Gucci braided one in Khaki, probably black and what they call a blue Denim in the late Summer. My SA showed me pictures or sketches. She had ordered the blue, but it was a light blue like a year or so ago ...not the denim she had you optic lovers...get ready...