PINK Nappa gauffre tote-with modelling pics.

  1. Here it is :love: I am so in love :heart:




    Pardon me for sloppy dressing. I threw it on just to take these pics.

    I am quite short, standing at 1.58m for those of you who would like to know the proportions. Its not a big bag.
  2. Looks great on you! Enjoy it!
  3. Beautiful!!!! Congrats !! :smile:
  4. WOOOOWWW it's absolutely beautiful!!!I :drool: love the color!! perfect size for you. Congrats!!! :nuts: I want one!!!!!
  5. I LOVE PINK!!! what a hot bag
  6. Wow!! Very nice.
    May I ask did you bought it in SG-paragon? And how much it is?
  7. It looks gorgeous on you! May I ask for measurements? Thanks :ty:
  8. i love the colour, may i ask how much it cost?
  9. very nice~
  10. Thanks ladies :smile:

    Teddyraph, I got it from DFS. I dont think Paragon has this anymore.

    Poutine, it cost me $3080 in Sing dollars.

    Pokus, will go measure and post it here later. :okay:
  11. Tks for info... very pretty bag!
  12. Congrats- the leather looks so luscious!
  13. It's very nice!!! Congrats!!!
    Do they sell it in smaller sizes?? I want one if they have one that isn't so huge :yahoo:
  14. Great color!!
  15. Wow I love the colour..congrats !!