Pink Metallic Medium Reissue Flap...Should I keep it??

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  1. This is my first post on the Chanel forum; I am usually on the LV side!
    Today I bought my 2nd Chanel bag, a pink metallic medium reissue flap (I think that is the name). My other Chanel is a Black GST with gold hardware.
    I am trying to decide if I should keep this bag. Is the color too trendy? I love it now but I try to make sure the bags I buy I can use 10 years from now.
    Also, if I keep this bag I need to return the LV Argent Neo bag I bought last week.
    Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!
  2. keep it! it sounds cute. who cares if its too trendy, you can have some classics and some trendy handbags :smile: pictures please!!
  3. it sounds super cute!!! pictures please! that'll help the decision (plus I'm DYING to see them!!!)
  4. hehehe another "Can I use it 10 years from now" tpfer! It'd be great to see a pic!
  5. Would be helpful if you could post a pic?
  6. haha...because it's not like I won't be buying any more bags over the next 10 years!!!
  7. I think it sounds great! I love pink--it is super trendy right now but I still think it will be great in 10 years! Cna you post pix?
  8. I will try and post pics it true that the metallic pink will not be made again after this season?
  9. sounds really nice!
  10. metallic pieces are a bit trendier but gorgeous and a must in every collection!
  11. The reissue includes in Chanel classic collection. So the style alone will last in the next 10 years. However, I am so sure about the color. If I may ask, is pink your favorite color ? If it's so, I suggest you keep the bag.

  12. Well said :smile: enjoy it when you love/still love it :P
  13. I have a jumbo and it suits me well with almost all my wardrobe 'coz I love shades of pink.
  14. pictures please! :smile:
  15. I think metallics are so pretty- although the color may be trendy the style is not, so it will definitely still be wearable in 10 years. Some people thought patent was a trend, but has been around for a while, so maybe metallics will do the same