Pink Metallic - HELP ME DECIDE

  1. Hi All,

    I need some serious advice... Ann has put this beautiful bag on hold for me..

    It is in like new condition - and it looks awesome!!! :drool:
    I am just anxious about metallic leather. I have neever touched one in real life, but I have heard that the leather is not as perfekt as the other bags from 2005.

    2005 is definately my favourite, but they are very rare to bumb in to in Denmark, so this should be a real cath.. It is also 300 less than a new bag i DK and we never get colors like these..

    It would be my most expensive bag, and therefore I hope you guys will tell me a little bit about metallic bags and if they look good for long.

    My pale pink regular is yellowing.. :shrugs: But I just think this would look perfect with my new grey boobie and my TPF charm... right?
  2. oh trust me I have this exact bag in a first and the leather is the best leather I have ever touched on any of my balenciagas!
  3. the metallic pink is in lambskin, not goat, so it's perfectly soft, very very nice leather. I don't think the metallic pink will yellow like the pale pink. It's a gorgeous bag IMO.
  4. Thank you for replying... Hmmm lamb, will it still be slouchy after use then? I guess the whistle is lamb too actually, but I just bourght that one, and it is in Denmark and I am in the states right now, so I haven't even touched her in real life...

    I really think I want it.. It's so special... But I just hope it will look good in a year as well.. I really want to be able to use a bag, when paying so much for it...

    :confused1: Why is it so hard to decide...When I know I LOVE IT!!!
  5. Oh yes, the leather on these bags is perfection! You won't be disappointed ;)
  6. Sorry, I don't know what IMO stands for? (Stupid dane)
  7. stands for in my opinion

    Seriously you cant go wrong with this bag - its great long term and not many about so great to get one!
  8. My first 1K+ purchase - EVER!!! Maybe thats whats worrying me the most..:sweatdrop:

    I am obviously not as well of as many of the ladies buying new bags all the time in here...

    Thanks for your advice,

    Miss M
  9. I've never had a metallic Balenciaga, but I have had metallic goatskin handbags in other brands, and one thing that was a concern to me is that the metallic silvery-paint "flaked" off, or wore off, after a while in places, so that the leather was exposed in areas. That had never happened to me before w/ regular, non-metallic leather bags.

    I'm not sure if that would happen w/ B-bags, and I would totally go more w/ the opinion of the girls who have had them, but I just wanted to let you know my experience all the same, in case it helps :smile:
  10. Well I am a huge 05 fan! As a matter of fact I am just buying my first new bag now, and only after getting all the bags I wanted from 05. I currently have 3 City's in BG Pink, Magenta, and Turq, and 2 First's in BG Pink and 06 Lilac. I have had many other 05's and an 04 in the past, and I had heard the same thing about the metallic leather not being as soft. But when I came upon a Metallic Pink Rose Box on eBay, and I had been wanting a Box in my collection again, I had to go for it. It is PERFECT!!!! The leather is thick and soft like my other bags, and I am crazy about the shiny silver hardware. I too got the AFF msg about the City and even though I don't want to buy anymore City's, and I have the Metallic Box, I was tempted by this beauty. Go for it! Ann is great in her descriptions, and you can't beat that price!!!!!
    1-03-07032.jpg 1-03-07022.jpg 1-03-07051.jpg IMG_6146.jpg IMG_7765.jpg
  11. Your collection is to die for!!!!!!!! :nuts:

    I only have my First from '05 - but that is my favourite - so that's why I wanted the city to be the same year. I had actually never considered matellic, but I fell instantly in love with the bag from the picture...

    I'm waiting for Ann's leather report - and if it is good - I'm gonna get it. She has the silver/pewter (?) and tells me it is one of her greatest bags to..

    I was worrying about flakes like spiralsnowman said, I just didn't know the word for it in English..

    But it seems you guys think it is possibleto wear it as an everyday bag even though it is metallic... Ecxiting!!!
  12. OK, so I got feedback from Anns employee...

    He wrote: "leather" update. She says the leather is soft, but not squishy
    like some other Balenciagas. She believes this is due to the process.
    She says the leather is very nice, but if you are looking for a super
    squishy bag this is not the one for you.

    So what is the judgement on this statement?
    The bag is all new, so off cause it is not squishy now.. But do you think it will get there from daily use...

    I'm so in love with it allready, but what is your interpretation from that kind and honest statement?

    I just love this site, they are SO NICE!!
  13. Hi MissM - I just asked you a question in my post above, as I'd not realized you started a separate thread about the bag I posted this morning.

    I'm so excited that you're considering it!

    I've dealt with Ann and Troy several times in the past and I'm wondering if you think it might be a good idea to ask them to send it to you.

    Maybe you could spend a day or two with it. You know, meet her in person. I'm sure you'll know for sure once you see her IRL.

    As I've said, I've dealt with them before and I sincerely don't believe that they would have a problem with you taking it for a test run.

    Please keep me posted on your decision!
  14. Also, if you ask Troy to send you more pictures - he will gladly do so. I have about 30 pictures of the Cornflower I purchased from them a couple of months ago. :rolleyes:
  15. Metallic pink is stunning.......but I am worried that the metallic color will rub off eventually (around the corners, the handles, etc) & the color won't be as vibrant.