Pink Metallic box

  1. Hello! I just bought my first Balenciaga bag....It was on eBay and just wanted some opinions on this bag, it looks really nice....
  2. Congrats! I think it's insanely gorgeous. :yahoo: The color is just spectacular. I bet you're gonna love it to bits and pieces!!! :yes:
  3. Thanks, I hope so....I knew I wanted to get a Bbag....And I knew I wanted a pink one....I love metallic so I bought it as soon as I saw it listed. The only thing I was unsure of was the box style...I haven't seen it in real life so any feedback on that style would be great!
  4. I have two words for you:

    THANK YOU!!!!

    That bag was driving me out of my mind. Thank you for putting me out of my misery.

    I guess this means that I think your bag is absolutely scrumptious, a great find, and overall TDF. Congrats!!!!
  5. I don't own the box, but I've always thought it was such a great style - not too big. The metallic pink is so great too. I think that you'll really enjoy this bag.
  6. Decophile, that is so funny! How long were you looking at it? I just saw it this morning....
  7. Fabulous!! I was watching that bag, too! Good for you!
  8. Great bag, congrats!
  9. I hope I get to own a Box someday! It's such a great style, and yours is super-cute! Great first Bbag. :yes:
  10. Congrats!! I was watching the auction too! Love metallic pink :heart:
  11. awww it's so cute!! :yahoo: congrats!! enjoy her :smile:
  12. it's so cute!:tup: congrats on the new bag! :heart::yahoo:
  13. Super cute :yes:. Love the color! Never seen a metallic IRL.... I wonder if the leather is just as smooshy as the rest?
  14. THe box is a great style I really like it plus I was after this bag too, I finally deicided I would buy it this morning and POUF it was gone.

    Congrats you are going to love it!!
  15. i think that is such a fun color! cute bag :tup: