Pink Meduim Guccissima Horsebit Hobo

  1. Hii All

    im reallly dying to get my hands on one, it comes in a fabulous shade of pink Guccissima Leather with Gold Hardware, i saw it IRL at Kula Lumpur's Gucci Boutique, it was 200$ more expensive than my local boutique, i kept going back and forth on whether to get it or no?

    i came back few days ago and i still cant take it out of my mind, its reallllllllly gorgoues, what do u think of it? i already have it in Dark Brown Guccissima leather, and maybe thats why i want another one, i aodre this bag ..

    if someOne can help me finding a pic plz do, has none .

    Thank u :flowers:
  2. i would love to see a pic
  3. what style bag?? i can't imagine a "pink" guccissima!!....hmmm can you find a pic?
  4. Was this bag all leather, can you give a detailed description?
  5. there is a pink guccissima??:wtf: all i know is blue, black, brown and white.
  6. Maybe she meant dark purple or light purple?

    i saw it in Malaysia and now its available at my local boutique:crybaby: , it comes in a matt light shade of pink, YES Guccissima Leather, i tried to look for a pic but in vain :shrugs:

    plzzzz can some1 try to help us here ..

    the 1st Pic attached is the same one i've seen BUT in a different color, PINK GUCCISSIMA :crybaby: the 2nd Pic is a similar Pink but not the same one...
    hobo.jpg pink.jpg
  8. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT cOLOR! You should totally get it and post pics for us!
  9. Oh,, THAT one!! I loooovvvveeee that hobo style!! I was previously eyeing that one up in the smooth tan leather (nice). It would be fabulous in the Pink!! I hope you find one!
  10. Wow, I never knew there was a pink Guccisima !

    If you can't get your mind off of it, I'd just snap that up while it's still there !!
  11. I know exactly what you're talking about! I saw it in the boutiques here during the sale month. It Fuschia, right? Its not those baby pink or the suede pink. Its really fuschia pink guccisima!! :girlsigh:

    I fell in love with it instantly!!! :love: erkekekeke. Their pink guccisima wristlet was on sale SG$580.. but I went for their classic monogram wristlet $550 instead. (Hubby's gift.. so he got to pick the color).

    I agree with ya. Sadly, didn't have the pink guccisima pic. What a shame. :sad:

  12. I think she actually means its the Pink Guccissima leather not the Fushina Gucci Monogram.

    cHLOE GO GET THE BAG!!!! before it gone and you;ll regret it!!!!
  13. wow i hope you get the bag! it sounds gorgeous! i think you should get the bag in the second pic though hehe because im biased and love it and getting it soon *skips along* yay
  14. Hi again

    aLLVy Noo its not the Fushia monogram Horsebit:crybaby: its more of a matt baby pink shade + Its Guccissma Leather

    MissV i wish i can get it , but im in a massive cash shortage (just came back from a trip to malaysia, did insane shopping) + i have a surgery soon that needs 2750$ .. u see ? i got priorities , yet im dyyyying to get the bag, so bad:crybaby: ....