Pink medium flap, gold or silver hardware?

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  1. I want to get a pink medium flap. Which hardware color is better? I am told the gold is harder to find and will now be phased out?
  2. I love it with gold.
  3. The gold hardware is being phased out, but the silver is what's in style now. It depends on what jewelry you wear more, silver or gold. Get what matches your jewelry.
  4. I love it with either gold or silver. Which do you wear more--go with that!
  5. i love it with gold hw...make it more classy in my opinion :smile:
  6. gold matches pink better IMO. I think it depends on what color your jewellery is though.
  7. I like gold with it
  8. what color shade of pink is it?? i think with the lighter shades of pink, the gold is very pretty. and if it's a brighter pink, silver pops!
  9. ITA!
  10. I think it also depends whether it's caviar or lambskin.
    IMO silver goes better with the caviar and gold with the lambskin.
  11. It is caviar leather and I am not sure of the name of the pink, but its a fairly bright pink. I wear both silver and gold jewelry so I could really do either color hardware. Is the gold hardware truly being phased out?
  12. Silver!
  13. Another vote for gold
  14. it's realy depends on your taste
  15. both are lovely, you can't go wrong, for my taste, silver...