Pink Medalion Tote & White Flap

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  1. Hey, just wondering, does Chanel release this tote in a different shade of pink every year? I went to Chanel today and that is what the SA said to me!?

    Also can anyone tell me when the white caviar medium tote came out with the new bijoux chain? I really want to purchase but there were not any in store.

  2. I know for a fact that they are releasing two new pinks for the spring/summer season. I'm not sure if they do new pinks EVERY season because the pink I've seen recently has been in stores for a while. Also, the white flap with the new chain was for spring/summer 2007... I'm not sure about this but it was fairly recent. I have a feeling that they are sold out in boutiques- you might be able to find some in the department stores if you call around and do a search. Good luck and I hope this helped!
  3. Thanks ever so much x joie!! I am quite suprised someone actually replied because I just noticed that my question wasn't actually that acurate!! But I guess you replied it correctly anyway!!

    So there's going to be 2 new pink medalion colours coming out in spring? Medalions are only one size aren't they!? I guess I won't be buying the current one that is in the store now then!!

    Aww was the white flap with the bijoux chain this summer!! My store near me was only opened last week so.....I should have asked about that actually!