Pink Mascara question

  1. does sell authentic bags?
  2. Yes. They are a reputable business and only sell new authentic merchandise. They have great stuff.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Yes, I bought a great Marc Jacobs from them a few months ago!
  5. just purchased this medium navy bulga for only $318!!! what do yall think?
  6. here is the pic
    navy bulga.gif
  7. This bag looks very roomy. good price too!!!
  8. They have very good customer service - I bought a bag and when I received it, found a flaw. They sent me a new one immediately and arranged for pickup of the flawed one. They even told me I could use the old one til the new one came. (I didn't - felt too guilty)
  9. I have never heard of them....I will have to check them out!