Pink Mascara ~ Extra 40% Off*Includes All Sale Items

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  1. thanks bag!
  2. Yay, thank you! I can finally buy my Gypsy 05 maxi. =]
  3. The code doesn't work for me! =[ Is it working for anyone else?
  4. Where do you put the code? I can't find a text field to enter it. Does anyone know?
  5. Anyone know if Revolve would match this?
  6. ^^ No...sorry to say that they aren't.:sad:

  7. ^Are you trying it on a sale item? I think it only applies to sale items.
  8. The code only applies for sale items. :smile:
  9. There isn't a place to enter it until you finish all your credit card info, etc. It's on the 'review and order' section [something like that?].

    I got it to work, guys! I emailed them. =] Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the heads up :smile:
  11. Does the code still work ??
  12. The OP post says that the sale ends Sunday July 19th at midnight.