Pink Martha & magenta Hanover - here they are! Pics.

  1. Here are my two sale bargains.
    The pink Martha messenger was an absolute steal. :tup:
    Its RRP is £495 but the sale price was £49 and I got an extra 10 per cent off so paid £44.10!! I'd never seen the bag before but was looking for a hands-free. It's a great bag and I love the crushed strawberry colour. :love:

    The other is the gorgeous magenta Hanover. :love::love::love:
    Paid £357 after finally tracking it down - one of the last 3 in the UK! :yahoo:
    The colour is deeper than I expected and is v different for me but totally fabulous. It's certainly going to zing up my wardrobe.
    Martha 1.JPG Martha 3.JPG Martha 2.JPG Hanover 1.JPG Hanover 2.JPG
  2. Yipee :yahoo:

    Great to see pics sarajane. Both bags look like they would be work well, no matter what the season. Very versatile choices - you go girl :wlae:
  3. Yay! Great bags, Sarajane! Well done! :tup:
  4. Great finds. Love the color of the Martha. Both are very pretty.
  5. I love the Martha - have they got any more ?
  6. OMG loving the Hanover - looks good enough to eat!!!:drool::drool:
  7. Don't know about the pink but they had oak and olive. I got mine from Shepton Mallet - give them a call!
  8. Love the bags Sara Jane. You and Tara have great taste:yes:
  9. Oooh those are beautiful!! I love the Hanover :love:
  10. Love your new bags - Martha is super cute and Hanover is a beauty - well done! They will add some summer to your warderobe all year round.
  11. Note to self: must get into bright colours, must get into bright colours, must..... The pink Martha is absolutely adorable:drool:, now that is a colour that I could start with. I will never be brave enough for the Magenta, but it is also very beautiful. Congrats on your great deals!:tup:
  12. :okay::okay: Tara - thought you were on a ban????? hehehe

    Love both Sarajane!!!!!!!! What a bargain for the Marta!!!
  13. Very nice :tup: I can't get over what a bargain you got on the messenger bag, couldn't be left there at that price could it! :woohoo:
  14. Wow- can't explain it but i have strange desire to lick your marta (i always thought it was called martha!!)- colour reminds me of strawberry opal fruit! Hanover in Magenta is extremely striking!:woohoo:
  15. They´re both absolutely stunning!!! I´m really not in for pink colours at all but lately I found myself gazing over all you girls colourful bags and almost drooling:drool:!!! Hm...

    Congratulations, especially to the exceptional Martha-bargain!!!:tup: