PINK (magnolia) BALL BAG on BLUEFLY!!!

  1. Hi BV lovers!

    There's another Pink Ball Bag on BLUEFLY right now! If you regretted not getting it when it was available last time, GO GRAB IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's just too light for me, as lovely as it it, but hope a tPFer gets it!

    I snagged a VIOLET zip around wallet this morning!!! :nuts: :nuts: :yahoo: I can't believe it! I've been wanting something BV in violet and just saw one posted by another tPFer here and was loving it! :wlae:
  2. I really appreciate this type of heads-up thread! I guess this forum has the Bluefly BV market cornered!

  3. that sounds absolutely gorgeous, pls post pix when you get it and congrats on getting a beauty of a wallet :smile: (I LOVE the zip arounds, I feel so secure w/ them!)
  4. I check there everyday and never see those great colors! How do you manage to do it lol?! I'm off to Bfly right now and see what's up. The magnolia would be too light for me also, but I love looking at it.
  5. ^ boxermom, usu. i'm not one of those lucky shoppers...LOL! Just lately w/BV on bluefly, I've been very very fortunate!!! Few days ago, I found a medium black veneta that was in my signature since I was hoping i could purchase it before the rumored price hike later in the year...I savd around 400 dollars from bluefly....

    I know what u mean about the pink ball bag...i love looking at it too, though I could not purchase it for fear of staining it!

    I think the orange trifold wallet available on Bluefly is sweet...!
  6. I can't believe that no one has purchased this bag!
  7. ^^ hmm
  8. I looked last night (30th) and it was not there, so hopefully a lovely PF'r got it.
  9. It was on bluefly again this morning... wonder if it is the same bag hopping around in different people's shopping cart???
  10. ^^^It's like a chess game, tracking these bags and figuring out what they're doing. Same on NM sale pages--you have to strike fast when a great bag goes up.
  11. This bag is available on bluefly right now!
  12. I've been looking for the black veneta almost daily but haven't found it yet when I'm on. Congrats on getting it!
  13. Cute!
  14. They're baaccckkkk
  15. So they had the ball bag in BOTH PINKS on today!! Did anyone snag one?!?!?