Pink (magenta) Hanover

  1. This is a desperate plea - if anyone sees a pink Hanover anywhere would they let me know please?!
    I stupidly didn't buy one in the website sale and they didn't have any at Shepton. So my 2008 quest is to find one! Thanks a lot.
  2. So sorry you didn't get one.Fingers crossed.
  3. :yes::yes::yes::yes:

    Happy New Year XXXX
  4. Sarajane - have you contacted Mulberry to ask to go on a waitlist for any returns? Might be worth doing.
  5. Happy New year Dita! Yes, I emailed them yesterday. I'm now calling every HoF I can think of & anywhere else!
  6. I can't remember who posted the link to Psyche but it might be worth phoning them to ask when their sale starts. Or whether they are prepared to price match with Mulberry. Worth a try ;)
  7. OOOO, Sarajane,I really feel for you,why don't you try calling Selfridges and Harvey Nicks,I know both in Manchester carry Mulberry,plus the Selfridges and John Lewis in the Trafford Center.

    There is also the Mulberry shop on King Street in Manchester too.
    I have to say I did'nt see any in Cheshire Oaks,just the choc and oak ones

    (bollocks to it!!!,which I got an oak one of!!! Fessed and really on a bag ban now,anyone notice that,thought not. Good,got away with it!!)

  8. OMG Chaz Another bag....:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  9. Hang on a minute there - I noticed! AN OAK HANOVER!! Pics are needed pronto.

    Thanks for the info re the pink Hanover - Psyche has it but it's still £495 and I just don't think I can bring myself to pay that when I know it was just over £300 in the sale! DH is here today so can't do much ringing around but will hit the phone as soon as he leaves for work tomorrow! There has to be one somewhere...

  10. No you didn`t !!!!

    You have been spotted :wtf:

    In which case I think you need to do some more modelling pictures !!!!:yes:

    They are a lovely shaped bag :heart: , so glad that I got one :smile:
  11. Chaz - Will you spray your oak hanover ??? its antiqued leather .

    If you do let me know how the leather looks afterwards.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::woohoo:
    Chaz - don't you feel better that you have fessed up????? Can't wait to see pics!!!!!

    Happy New Year everyone!!! DH and son are still in bed and I am drinking my coffee nursing a little bit of a headache!!! Maybe too much wine!!!

    Good luck on the quest for the lovely pink Hanover!!!
  13. Hahahahaa!!! She's hiding inside Pinky in storage!!! The girl that runs the place must think I'm bloody nuts!! Its the second time I've been in there hiding a bag,not counting the time I went in looking for the deeds to the house!!!!
    But both are well stashed,in a box of bits of material that I had left over from making Sophie a patchwork quilt/throw thing for when she gets a bigger bed(long story) and all the matching bits I made to go with it etc,so even when its being taken to the new house Andy will not think of looking in it!
    I am able for a bit at least,til Sophie gets bigger,have a workroom,for doing all that sort of thing and Andy will quite happily leave me to sort that out!!

    And yes I'm glad I fessed up,I have actually been lusting for one ever since I saw Ms. Longoria with hers,saw one irl,and that was it,I was smitten yet again!!
    Not sure how I will treat the leather yet,I think I'll have a go with a couple of different things in discreet places,nourisher and spray and see what happens. The lady at Chesh Oaks reccommended spray,the care card said already treated,so that was a bit of a red rag to me!!! All in the name of science of course!!!!!

    And to be honest,my holy grail bag of an aqua Blenhiem is now losing its appeal,if there had been a Rosie in aqua,would have been a different story,now I'm not sure at all,and right at this exact moment I really can't think of another one that would make me lose my head and pull out the plastic.Probably a good thing for the sake of my marriage!!!!
  14. Chaz you are so BAD !!!!:rolleyes:

    Sarajane- if i spot a pink hanover on Friday on my trip to Mulberry i shall text you!:yes:

  15. Jo, my debit card will be ready and waiting!! :tup:
    I'm going to call every Mulberry stockist in the UK tomorrow. If you do happen to spot one, you'll hear my whoops of joy ricocheting all the way down the M4 to London! :lol:
    Hope you still have my mobile number!