Pink Madame Claude or Pink Rolando?

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  1. I found the hot pink Madame Claude at a dept store and now I am trying to decide to go w/ Madame Claude or hot pink Rolando. Here are the pics.,default,pd.html


    Both in patent pink. The rolando looks slightly more pastel and less vibrant pink. Anyone seen both IRL?
  2. I like the Madame Claude :girlsigh:
  3. I have a hard time with d'orsays. If you don't...Madame Claude all the way. Soooo sexy
  4. MC! Super sexy and I love them in the pink! Plus, since you were worried about the bright color, there is less shoe (and therefor less pink) with the MC than the Rolando, so you may feel more comfortable wearing them.
  5. MC... Rolandos don't really work on me :sad:
  6. Barney's found them at the LV store....then they called be back about 10 minutes ago to say they were not able to find them in stock though their computer says they should be there :sad: I guess Rolando it is...
  7. Mc!!!!!!
  8. Awww...don't be sad face! Both are beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing your new Rolandos!!:yahoo:
  9. I prefer the Rolando as I have a hard time with d'orsays!
  10. I think the Rolandos are a good choice -- at least they've got a platform, which will make them easier to navigate in, as opposed to the MC. I think they're gorgeous.
  11. MCsthey are so beautiful!!!!!!
  12. Too bad the MCs are gone, but I think the rolandos are prettier anyway!
  13. I would have said Rolando's anyway :smile:
  14. I'd recommend Rolandos because I find the MCs too hard to walk in. Plus, I like the Rolando style more.
  15. MC, I think they're more elegant.